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For 1993 models only, this conversion harness updates your 1993 F-Body from the single wire non-heated oxygen sensors to a self heated later model unit.  Why you ask?  Well, for a stock car, it really won't do much.  But, on a 93, if you add mid-length or long tube headers, your O2's will get moved farther back in the exhaust stream, and with that comes less heat.  Not really a big deal until you find yourself running rich and sputtering at idle and low throttle conditions.  There simply isn't enough heat to keep the O2's warm enough to stay in closed loop, and the car will revert back to open loop.  Updating to the newer heated O2's will keep your car in close loop at all times while also adding the benefit of cutting your cold start to closed loop time in nearly half (90 seconds average as opposed to approximately 3 minutes).  This can be very helpful when trying to datalog and diagnose other issues with your car. 

This kit uses a four wire heated O2 commonly found in 94-97 F-Body's.  It's a very common item locally available at any parts store.  Just make sure it's got the flat four pin connection and you're fine.  The GM Part number for reference is 25312184.

Each one of these conversion harnesses is hand built by me, and requires absolutely no cutting or splicing of your cars harness.  A plug and play system to integrate to the factory wiring harness, and a simple power and ground connection by the fuse box and you're ready to go.  Each harness also includes a covered fuse holder and 30 amp fuse for circuit protection.  I've done my best to make these look as factory as possible, so factory style connectors and convoluted tubing round out the package.

Detailed installation instructions on CD are included.  CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD INSTRUCTIONS

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Above you can see the completed harnesses.  Here you can see how there is a dedicated plug for the new O2, and a plug to mate with the factory harness. Close up of the ACT fuse holder.

$65 Shipped


Here's a recent testimonial I received from a member on LTxTech.com who purchased this kit for his 93 Trans Am:

via "Warbird on LTxTEch/Defaultexistence on LS1Tech:  "True..i could have half-a**'d it...maybe it would have lasted a few miles..
I am in the frame of mind to do it once "set it and forget it"
I am happy none the less with my choice on parts for the conversion, Looks factory.  Car is now hitting Closed loop before i even get outta my drive and stay's in CL at an idle.  Performance has returned and the needed Data Master log for further tuning has been made.
The harness kit had plenty of extra wire allowing me to cut it down to fit how i wanted to rout it .
The new over-stock discount o2's are functioning properly.
*These were purchased by the customer separately*

This heated o2 conversion is a must for a single wire non heated 93 Lt1's sporting Long Tubes.