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Here we go again!  Another LS1 F-Body Line Lock this time?  Well, what do you expect out of me.  It's the world I know.  Again, I'm not claiming to be better than the next guy, I'm not claiming that it works better than the next guy.  What I am promising to you as the consumer is that I will offer the same performance as the next guy for less cost to you!!


As with the LT1 line lock kit, my kit differs from the others in one major way.  Unlike other kits out there, mine requires absolutely ZERO drilling or using self-tapping screws for mounting.  Using a design of my own conception, the solenoid is bracket mounted to the bolts for the master cylinder attachment to the brake booster.  This allows for a less invasive installation and a cleaner look if you ask me.    


So what's in the kit?  How about everything you need for a complete installation. 

  • 1 -- Summit Racing Line Lock Solenoid

  • 1 -- Black painted mounting bracket

  • 2 -- Sets of nuts and bolts for mounting of solenoid to bracket

  • 1 -- Set of pre bent brake lines with proper factory sized fittings

  • 2 -- Adapter fittings for connection to the line lock solenoid

  • 1 -- Red LED lit Rocker Switch for positive identification of actuation

  • 3 -- Female spade connectors for connection to the switch

  • 2 -- Ring Terminals for grounding and battery connection purposes

  • 3 -- Butt connectors for making wiring connection

  • 8 -- Inches of heat shrink tubing for covering exposed connections (Ring terminals, spade terminals, Butt Connectors)

  • 1 -- 16ga Fuse holder and 30A fuse

  • 20 -- Feet red Primary Wiring

  • 5 -- Feet Black Primary Wiring

  • 8 -- Feet Convoluted tubing for routing the wiring cleanly in your engine bay

All brake lines are bent and flared by me as accurately as possible.  As with any vehicle, variances can and will exist, and as such there may be a little bit of hand tweaking for the brake lines to line up perfectly.  This is a normal part of the installation process.


As always, I warranty the parts I make for life.  That means if a line ever fails, you get a new one, no questions asked.  I also personally warranty the Summit Solenoids for six months from date of purchase from me.  If it fails I'll send you a new one, all I ask is that you return the old one to me.  


The pics below were taken on my test car, a very good friends quite wicked 98 Formula WS6

(Call 911 from the various forums)

Clearance.JPG (96959 bytes) FullShot.JPG (102123 bytes) Solenoid.JPG (66138 bytes) FrontLine.JPG (95924 bytes)
As you can see above, the meat and potato's of the kit installs quite nicely.  You can see how for the main line, it resembled the original line so closely that the line clips were allowed to be reinstalled.  You can also see how the solenoid is tucked out of the way, and there's PLENTY of clearance from the ARH headers this car has.
Switch.JPG (72469 bytes) SwitchOn.JPG (82715 bytes) FrontWiring.JPG (88736 bytes) SolWiringClose.JPG (107660 bytes)
Here you can see how the switch easily mounts in the ash tray.  I use the LED indicator switches because I feel it's VERY important to absolutely know when there's power getting to the solenoid. Here you can see how with the wiring, tubing, and terminals I include, how cleanly the electrical side of things can be installed.


As with my LT1 Line Lock kit,  I am offering my kit to the LS1 community at a standard price of $145 SHIPPED to the US.(December 2015 - My sincerest apologies for the price increase.  The core component just took a more than 25% jump in price that I unfortunately had to pass along.  I'm trying to keep these as reasonable as possible still.)

  If you're ready to purchase, simply click the "Pay Now" button below and you're on your way!! 

$145 Shipped to the Continental U.S.

If you live outside the 48 states, please contact me for a shipping quote