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My name is Sean Wall, and I'm a car nut.  I go by Fastbird on most of the boards I'm on, and finally took the big plunge.

Fastbird Performance started out as a little side operation with me doing heated O2 conversion harnesses for the 93 F-Body crowd on Speeddensity.org.  After I got my Corvette, I saw a need for a better priced line lock than what was originally available, and now I've grown to where you see the site now.  This is a solo operation down to the web design even, and I pride myself on that.  I hand-make all my parts, and I put my effort into each and every piece I send out the door.  Essentially, I'm just a guy out there trying to offer a good product at the best price I can.

Payment AcceptedI prefer paypal because it keeps things simple, and it's quite convenient because even if you're not a paypal member, you can still use the service through my payment buttons.  Otherwise, good old fashioned cash, checks, and money orders work too.


Currently I sponsor the following Websites:

www.LTxTech.com -- Founder, administrator, and supporting vendor


I am always available for contact, questions, or comments at the following locations:

Phone:  609-792-5995

Email:  Fastbird@FastbirdPerf.com

Address:  6107 Decatur Rd

              Fort Wayne IN 46816