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Ok, I know these are common and every other vendor out there carries jamb screw kits.  But.......This time you've got options.

Here's the kit contents

  • Screws for each location for the Hatch, Gas Cap, Door Jamb, Underhood edges, and headlight door covers

  • Washers for each screw at the above locations

  • Screws for the latches located on the rear of each door

  • Screws for the latch catches located at the rear of each door jamb

Each kit is a 56 piece kit (not including washers).  If you have a FRC, ZO6, or Convertible, you will have leftovers.

Here's where the options start.  Typically these have always been available as a naturally finished stainless steel, which always looks good.  But, a simple change to this configuration leaves for quite a cool look!  Instead of the natural finished stainless screw, with my kits you have the option of choosing a black screw to replace the stainless ones!  This is only for positions utilizing the washers, as the other positions compliment the kit nicely either way you go. 

Additionally, I am currently developing sets with powder coated screw heads in various body colors.  Due to costs, these are most likely going to be limited run sets sold in bulk, probably around 10 sets at a time in any single color.  Special cases will be considered as always.  For the time being I am NOT listing the powder coated sets for availability because the first sets are in for coating as I make this page. 

Here's some examples of the SS/SS and Black/SS as installed on my car, many thanks to me for being the guinea pig!  haha

Hatch Jamb
Hatch Before.JPG (78860 bytes)


HatchStainless.JPG (74378 bytes)


HatchWBlack.JPG (76814 bytes)

Black and Stainless

Door Jamb
DoorBefore.JPG (71568 bytes)


DoorStainless.JPG (68533 bytes)


DoorBlack.JPG (79218 bytes)

Black and Stainless (photo underexposed)

Door Latch Door Catch
DoorLatchBefore.JPG (47607 bytes)


DoorLatchAfter.JPG (65885 bytes)


DoorCatchComparison.JPG (79907 bytes)

Comparison (stock on bottom)

DoorCatchAfter.JPG (70698 bytes)


Gas Cap Jamb
GasBefore.JPG (76988 bytes)


GasStainless.JPG (89671 bytes)

With a couple of Stainless

GasCap.JPG (78726 bytes)

Black and Stainless

Under Hood Jamb and Headlight Doors
Headlight.JPG (64110 bytes)

Black and Stainless, I forgot to get before and all stainless pics, but you get the jist.

Ok, time to talk pricing.  As always, I seek to make the best value and most complete kits on the market.  As such, the ENTIRE kit you have been reading about here is available to you for the Non-Corvette Tax price of $20 SHIPPED to the lower 48 states.  I will ship elsewhere but we'll have to work out shipping charges.


Stainless or Black Screws???