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This line lock kit includes everything needed to get your line lock installed and functional in your car.  Components of the kit are as follows:

  •     Pre Bent 1/4" Brake lines with appropriate fittings

  •     Two Adapters for fitting the 1/4" line fittings into the Line Lock Solenoid

  •     One Summit Racing Line Lock Solenoid

  •     One black powder coated solenoid mounting bracket 

  •     Two Nut, Bolt, and Washer sets for mounting Solenoid to Bracket

  •     Ten Feet of Red and Five feet of black 16 gauge primary wire

  •     *Fuse and holder deleted as installation is on a dedicated fused circuit

  •     Three butt connectors (pic is of original kit)

  •     Heat shrink tubing for covering of all connectors 

  •     One LED Indicator activation switch (style will vary with availability)

  •     Three Male Spade connectors

  •     One Ring Terminal

  •     *CD No Longer Included -- Instructions will be emailed

*Instructions Disclaimer -- There are a variety of ways to install the electrical side of your Line Lock.  I wrote the instructions based off of how I installed mine though you may want to install yours differently.


CLICK HERE for pictures as installed in the car.


See It In Action


**Kit Notes -- I am always available for technical, installation, and trouble shooting support.  If you have questions please contact me, my info is at the bottom of the page.  Also, given variances between cars, the pre-bent lines may need a minor bit of tweaking to line up 100%.  It's impossible to get an exact fit for every car, but when I say "tweak," I am meaning very minor hand bending and adjusting for better alignment.  This is a normal part of the installation process.


For the most part, these kits will be made to order.  Please allow a 7-10 day turnaround time for delivery of your line lock kit.  Unfortunately, expedience of other vendors is something I can't match as I'm a one man shop and this is a side thing for me.


I warranty MY parts FOR LIFE.  If a line ever cracks or leaks, or if the bracket ever breaks, I will make a new one for you at no cost.  The Summit Racing Line Lock solenoid carries a 90 Day warranty from the date I purchase them, but I will personally warranty this part for 6 months from the date YOU purchase the kit.  All I require is that the defective solenoid be sent back to me.   



Lets get started then.  If you have a 1997 or early 1998 car with the rear mounted ABS pump, I do apologize, but I do not make a kit that will fit your car.  If your car is a Late 1998 through 2000 model, there are a couple of different line setups that can be found.  In the picture below, I have circled and identified the Combination Valve which is the difference between the two brake setups.  This will have a direct impact on the kit and most specifically, the lines contained in the kit.  If your car has this in the engine bay, MAKE SURE you order the kit that has "WITH the Combination Valve" in the title.  I've conveniently located both of these on the top of the group below for ease of identification.




$175 Shipped to the Continental US.

If you are outside of the 48 States, contact me for a shipping quote.

 (December 2015 - My sincerest apologies for the price increase.  The core component just took a more than 25% jump in price that I unfortunately had to pass along.  I'm trying to keep these as reasonable as possible still.)

Late 1998 - 2000 WITH the Combination Valve

98-00FullwC.JPG (113637 bytes)

Late 1998 - 2000

98-00Full.JPG (112445 bytes)

2001 - 2004

01-04Full.JPG (111623 bytes)


If preferred, I will gladly accept a check or a money order.

Please call or send me an email so we can work out kit details and shipping/receiving addresses.