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Finally, an alternative to those high priced Line Lock kits for your C6 and C6 ZO6!!!  This kit has been a long time coming and I'm quite proud to be able to offer this to the C6 community!!  EVERYTHING you need for installation into your car is included with the kit, from the electrical connectors to the heat shrink tubing, to the convoluted tubing for a finished look in the engine bay.  This is the most complete kit on the market. 


Components included with the kit:

  • Summit Racing line lock solenoid

  • Black painted solenoid mounting bracket

  • Pre-Bent and flared black painted brake lines

  • 2 Adapters fittings for line to solenoid connection

  • Nuts and bolts for solenoid to bracket mounting

  • 16' Red Primary Wiring

  • 5' Black Primary Wiring

  • L.E.D. Indicator Rocker Switch

  • 3 Spade Connectors

  • 3 Ring Terminals

  • 2 Butt Connectors

  • Heat Shrink Tubing to cover all connections

  • ATO Fuse Holder harness and 30 Amp Fuse

  • Convoluted Tubing for covering engine bay wiring

  • *Instructions no longer provided on CD -- They are emailed at the time the tracking number is sent.


*Disclaimer -- This is NOT going to be an easy installation due to tight clearances in the C6 engine bay.  At the ABS pump, the extra lines and power steering reservoir are in the way, and at the master cylinder the washer fluid neck and on the M6 cars the clutch reservoir neck (I *think* that's what it is) make for a difficult time installing the crossover tube.  Be patient, attack from many angles, and they will go in with minimal fuss. 

Test Kit installed on a C6 ZO6 under the knife
Lines.jpg (194163 bytes) TopView.jpg (204859 bytes) Solview.jpg (223493 bytes) PSView.jpg (215324 bytes)
The New Lines, middle and bottom, compared to the stock line on top. View from above.  If you trace the line heading forward you'll see it sticking out.  This was an early try, and it has been tucked in MUCH better since this pic was taken. View of the solenoid and line routing. View from the passenger side of the car looking at the line routing.


As with my C5 kits, I warranty my brake lines FOR LIFE, and I warranty the line lock solenoid for six months, double that of the manufacturers warranty.  These kits are built to order, and turnaround time from ordering is normally 3-4 days though it can be as long as a week before I'm able to get your kit produced and shipped. 

If you're ready to order, sit yourself down because THERE IS NO CORVETTE TAX!!!!!!!  These are not only the cheapest line locks you'll find anywhere, but they're the only that install and look like a factory piece.  If you're AK, HI, or overseas, email me and we'll work out shipping.  I've shipped to Canada, Cayman Islands, and the United Kingdom so far.  To pay, simply click the "Pay Now" button below and you're on your way to SAFE big smokey burnouts at the track!!!

$175 Shipped to the Continental U.S.

If you live outside the 48 states, please contact for a shipping quote

(December 2015 - My sincerest apologies for the price increase.  The core component just took a more than 25% jump in price that I unfortunately had to pass along.  I'm trying to keep these as reasonable as possible still.)

As always, thanks for your support!!!!!